If home is where the heart is, take me back to the Palouse


I recently have seen a lot of crafts on Pinterest involving string art. It looked simple enough and I thought to myself “What better thing to do then a good ol’ fashion WSU logo?!” So I got to work. It turned out much better than I thought, it also turned out to take WAY more nails than I thought. Three trips to Lowe’s later, I have made a WSU logo, a Washington with a heart over pullman, and a UW one for my very best friend. I feel like this may be my new go-to as far as crafting gifts. I love it!!

Who Is this nerd?

Hey! Fancy meeting you here!! If you found your way to this blog, you must have realized my name is Janelle. I am just a broke college student wanting to document my life in pictures and words. Here is where i will share crazy stories, crafting fun, and all things that make me smile. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I will enjoy updating!
2 years with my other half. Don't know where I'd be without you. Thanks for always being by my side and supporting me through everything. I'm so proud of you for all that you do. Love you 😘